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That moment when you realize, you and your husband have the same hair style...

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Andy and I always laugh at ourselves when we leave the house and realize we are wearing similar clothing. We joke that we are that "old married couple that is starting to look and dress alike." we actually DO kind of look alike!! The length of my hair is about the same as his, and now that it has filled in, it pretty much looks like I just shaved my hair really short. The color is similar too, didn't notice before because I like to color my hair. Not sure I have really seen my natural color in a very long time! Andy says I look hardcore, I'm not so sure.

Nothing much happening otherwise. I completed the first 14 days of my new chemo drug. Let me tell you, 84 chemo pills in 14 days feels like a lot! That is on top of the other medication I take daily, along with my vitamins. It was all I could do to force myself to take them day after day. So far, the side effects aren't too bad. I have had a couple days where I feel pretty nauseous, but the main thing so far is the exhaustion. I think all of this treatment is starting to catch up with me or something, because man am I TIRED!

See my oncologist in a few days, will have my labs checked, and my next round of chemo is being delivered. Hopefully the 2nd cycle will go as smoothly as the first, but until then I am going to enjoy my week of freedom from those stupid pills!

Garage is complete! Just passed the final inspection, and just in time because the leaves are falling and winter is just around the corner.

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