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Relaxing Long Weekend

It was nice having Andy home from work for a long weekend. We got some much needed cleaning and projects done around the house, although mainly indoors since it was close to 100 degrees outside the entire time. Thankfully we chose to install central air conditioning last year when we bought the house, because I would be DYING this summer with these hot flashes and such. I felt pretty well all weekend and we took advantage by seeing the new Star Wars film, going out to eat a couple of times, and venturing to Ikea to buy a new rug to go under the new couch which was delivered yesterday (see photo below). This is the first piece of furniture we have purchased solely for comfort purposes, not style. It reclines! If there is one thing you realize going through chemo, it is that comfort is very important. With a perpetually aching body and potentially multiple surgeries in my near future, I decided enough is enough with an uncomfortable yet stylish couch! The stylish couch now sits on the porch, so at least people will think we are cool when they first walk in to our house ;)

The "old lady couch," as I have been calling it. Bought solely for comfort, not style.

On our way back from dinner this evening, it had started to storm. In fact, the restaurant we were at lost power while we were there. Anyway, it was raining pretty hard by the time we got home and not really thinking about it, I took my wig off and stuffed it in my purse before jumping out of the car and making a mad dash for the house. Andy thought that was pretty hilarious, and thinking back on it now I guess it was pretty funny. We laugh together often and it is wonderful!

Tomorrow is infusion #4 of Taxol and I haven't even thought about it. In fact, I don't even remember what time my appointment is tomorrow. Guess I should probably check before getting ready for bed.  

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