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Quick Update: I am home

Thanks to all for reaching out and for all the well wishes. I was discharged from the hospital yesterday morning. The doctor came in and said all my blood work looked good, the blood cultures were negative for sepsis, all the other tests were negative, and I had been fever free for greater than 24 hours without medication. He said it was most likely a virus I picked up somewhere and we caught it early. He said it was definitely a good thing I came in because I was really sick when I arrived, but luckily the fluids and care helped me bounce back quickly. He asked if I was ready to go home, I practically screamed YES! He smiled, and got my dry sense of humor so I appreciated that.

Now that I am home, I feel like I lost 3 days. It's like the hospital is this black hole and whatever happens there, stays there. I guess all the meds and lack of sleep contributes to that forgetfulness and hospital haze. I was definitely happy to sleep uninterrupted in my own bed last night and I feel much better today. My confidence in my immune system is shaken, however, so I am washing everything and disinfecting the house. I probably won't leave for a few days since I am scared some sick person could cough on me or something. Hopefully I don't punch anyone if they do.

Hope you have a nice rest of your weekend!

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