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Nearing the end of Chemo

I realized today, I forgot to post an update last week. Been busy with school, gardening, enjoying the nice summer weather, and time with friends. Although I feel weak from the chemo, I am able to know my limits for the most part and am trying to get more exercise, and get outside to do yard work when I am able and when it isn't too hot. I have been taking Gabapentin for a couple of weeks now to help with the neuropathy in my toes and fingers. It is definitely helping, and I am continuing to titrate the dose to correlate to the cumulative effects of the chemo. It seems to be working well, so I am pleased. Numb/tingling/painful fingers and toes are no fun, in case you were curious.

Today marks 10 out of 12 Taxol treatments completed (in total, 14 of 16 infusions completed). My last chemo is currently scheduled on July 24, 2018! Been trying to think of how to celebrate. Initially Andy and I were thinking about taking a trip, but that doesn't seem like it will be in the cards since I need to be careful to stay healthy and rest while my blood counts stabilize prior to surgery. I have been really wanting a mani/pedi, but that too will probably have to wait until after surgery due to infection risks. I will have to keep thinking about it. I am confident I can come up with something 😉

According to the meeting with my oncologist today, I will soon be scheduled for a breast MRI followed by a surgical consult about 1 week following my last chemo treatment. Then, the hope is that surgery can be scheduled within 2-4 weeks following chemo completion (depending on blood counts and surgery scheduling availability). After surgery, the cancer can be definitively staged and my response to chemotherapy can be known for sure. After the post-surgery pathology report, it will be determined if I should receive radiation therapy, or not. According to my doc, it will be best to remain off of work until after surgery and recovery. Knowing this, I will try and utilize my time wisely and finish up my current class coursework and spring coursework before returning to work, officially marking the end of my required courses!

Highly anticipated new windows being installed today on our large enclosed front porch. Can't wait to spend more time out there now that we have working windows to allow effective temperature control!

So far this month, we have had the exterior of our house painted, new windows installed on our front porch (see pic), and we are prepping for the building of a 2-car garage hopefully starting soon. It is nice to have projects going on to look forward to, and our house is starting to look pretty fancy!

I think that's it for updates at this point. I am REALLY looking forward to being done with this chemo crap. To quote a friend, "At least you know you're strong as shit at this point." True that!


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