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Infusion #11 in the books

Only one more to go! When the nurses were performing their double check before administering my chemo today, they both did a little dance when they reviewed that this was my 11th infusion! I couldn't help but start to feel hopeful, and their positive vibes were infectious! I can't wait to regain full feeling in my fingers and toes, get a mani pedi as soon as I can, get energy back so I can get back to life and stop feeling so lazy, get back to work (yes, I said it), and watch my hair start the slow process of growing back (I am MORE than ready to no longer be bald- and this no eyelash/eyebrow thing is getting old).

I have been busy with schoolwork, only 2 weeks to go before I finish this course and I am determined to finish on-time. One step closer to being a grad school graduate. Andy and I have also been busy prepping the yard and cleaning out our glorified garden shed before it is demolished and construction starts on our new garage! Been gardening when the weather cooperates and when I have enough energy to dig in the dirt. The front yard is looking good, the back yard is a disaster. Can't wait to have an enclosed place to put the car, especially after last winter!

Been enjoying the new windows on the porch, such an improvement. Been touching up paint and putting the finishing touches on the front of the house now that all the projects are winding down. I will have to post before and after photos soon.

Initial surgery consult is scheduled for this Thursday, July 19, they wanted to get me in sooner rather than later to make sure I have time to consult with plastics and get on the schedule since they book out several weeks. Post-chemo MRI is scheduled for July 31st, scanxiety has begun.

Throwback to when I had hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, energy to climb to the top of a mountain barefoot, and no idea cancer was growing inside me. Shravanabelgola Jain Temple, Channarayapatna, Karnataka, India- January 2018.

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