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Graduation Day, but Not for Me

First publicly posted bald pic for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoying a beautiful day in they yard with the pups.

Today was the day I was supposed to walk at commencement with my fellow executive public health administration and policy master's cohort members. At the start of this cancer journey, one of the first things I thought about was how to continue with school with everything else life throws at you. I am happy to say, I have continued on with school, however slow a pace. I haven't dropped out and I still plan to graduate within the year. I continued in the course I was enrolled in when I was diagnosed, I took an incomplete grade at the end of the semester and will finish it up by the end of summer. I also plan to take a 2 credit elective course over the summer, Ayurveda Medicine, which I have been looking forward to taking for quite some time. That will finish up the coursework for my degree, and then it will just be finishing up my master's project, which I have a pretty good handle on. I will get this master's of public health (MPH) soon, no matter what!

Back to commencement, I was thinking about attending the ceremony but realized it could be live streamed so I chose that route instead. I still haven't told everyone in my cohort what has been going on with me, and I wasn't ready to field questions at an event where people are meant to celebrate. Plus, the bittersweetness of the event had me teary eyed just sitting at home so I couldn't imagine being at the ceremony itself. I cheered my friends and colleagues on as they crossed the stage. I felt a strange sense of relief when they had all walked, as if I had walked myself in a way. Because I didn't walk for my undergraduate degree, I may try and walk at the next scheduled commencement because it feels like a big deal to me at this point. I want the pictures and the acknowledgement of all that I have been through the past couple of years. I have worked HARD and I deserve a party!

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