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Cycle 6 update

Cycle 6 of Xeloda is in the books! At this point I have the 7th cycle of pills in hand and am ready to finish that one as well. Not before I enjoy 9 days of freedom from those gross pills though!

I started the Livestrong program at the YMCA this week. No worries if you haven't heard of it, I hadn't either. It is a free 12-week exercise program aimed at cancer survivors. The goal is to increase stamina, rebuild self-esteem, and create relationships with other survivors. As expected, my cohort is me and a bunch of 50-83 year old ladies. I don't mind. I am used to being the youngest person in the room when it comes to cancer. That is a reality someone at my age diagnosed with cancer knows all too well. I know I will have so many fun stories of our 12-week journey together. My goal is to regain my strength, flexibility, and a reinvigorated sense of my exercising self. It is amazing how weak I feel after a year of sitting on my butt! That's right, the end of this month marks exactly one year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am planning a special one year cancerversary post, so keep a look out on February 28th.

I have been thinking a lot about having to have my stomach removed. I know it is coming, which is a weird thing. I have all these things I want to do, and eat, and drink, before that happens, so I have decided to create a sort of "stomach bucket list" to make sure I do everything before the big day. I keep adding to it, so I will create a separate post with a running list soon.

The house search continues. We made an offer recently, but had to back out after the inspection revealed some problems that we just couldn't commit to with all the continuing and upcoming medical stuff within the next year. We don't need any more stress in our lives, so we are looking for that perfect stress free home. If it exists, we will find it!

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