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Coming Full Circle

To come full circle, is to complete a cycle, or return to its beginnings.


Once there was a little girl obsessed with horses and the color pink. She was lucky enough to grow up in the country with real horses of her very own. But, playing with toy horses in the dirt and mud was still one of her favorite things to do. Eventually, those toy horses were boxed up and the girl became more interested in boys, and friends, and working to save up for a car. She didn't have time for toys anymore. Time continued to pass, those toys remained in their storage bin, and time stood still for them.

That little girl grew up, went off to college, got married, moved away, and didn't look back. One day, that girl's parents sold her childhood home and they moved away too. This was when that bin of forgotten toys was returned to the girl. She barely glanced inside when it was handed to her and she shoved it in a corner of her house to be forgotten again.

After being moved again, and again, the girl finally opened the bright pink bin with the intention of sorting through and getting rid of the toys she didn't intend to keep. You see, the girl had been through a pretty rough year, she was treated for cancer, and feeling like a different person, so she was purging things from her house in an attempt to start fresh.

While taking each toy out of the bin and examining it, childhood memories flooded in. She set these toys aside as she dug deeper inside the bin. Suddenly, she gasped. Down at the very bottom of the bin laid one of her favorite toy horses, still dirty and scuffed from dirt from the farm. Its tail and mane tangled and in knots.

Why did she gasp? This little horse represented tons of memories from her past, but also eerily foretold her future. When that girl got married, her wedding colors were pink and green, just like this little horse. When that girl was diagnosed with breast cancer, her favorite color pink seemed even more meaningful, just like this little horse. When that girl found out she had a rare genetic mutation which would lead to her having her stomach removed, she learned she would become a "seahorse," because seahorses don't have stomachs either, just like this little horse.

Obviously, the girl was profoundly struck by the symbolism of this little toy. And, after some internet research about this 1980s era My Little Pony, the girl found out this is one in a line of Pegasus ponies released during that time. In greek mythology, Pegasus was a mythical and divine winged horse. Pegasus's immortality was solidified when Zeus turned him into a constellation. Pegasus is symbolic of wisdom and fame. Although the girl is not particularly wise, or famous, this symbology was meaningful to her.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am that little girl and I will not be getting rid of this little fortune telling, mythical toy horse anytime soon.

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