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Chemo in a Box

Well, it was quite the ordeal getting the chemo medication approved and shipped to my door. But, after a lot of time spent on the phone and talking with a lot of different people at the specialty pharmacy, it was finally delivered this morning. And, after all that hassle, the UPS man just left it on the step. Thousands of dollars worth of meds that are basically poison, and he just nonchalantly puts it on the step and walks away. I know this because I saw him do it because I was literally waiting at the door. Craziness!

Word of advice: DO NOT read the entire pamphlet about the drug just before taking it. It is too frightening to read all the potential side effects just before popping the pills into your mouth. After a while, I decided I should probably just take it anyway. I spent all week trying to get it delivered didn't I?! 3 big pink pills twice a day beats having to go to the cancer center to have an infusion! Anyway, 6 pills down, 78 to go for this first cycle...but who's counting.

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