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Anniversary Fun

Andy and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday! We reminisced about when we met in 2004, became friends, and eventually started dating and got engaged in 2006. We were married in 2008 in Hawaii and have been back to Hawaii numerous times because it has become our happy place. We were originally planning to be back in Hawaii on the same beach we were married on to renew our vows on this date, but that has been delayed slightly, for obvious reasons.

2006: The day after we got engaged we worked a shift together at the movie theater where we met. Babies!

6/7/08: We were married on the beach in Hawaii.

We have had so many adventures together, and I look forward to all of our adventures yet to come. Our love has grown stronger and we always joke that maybe we are doing something wrong because our marriage has been so "easy" these past 10 years. It helps that we are both ready and willing to put the work in, and that we both enjoy travel and planning our next big adventure.

2017: At our friend's wedding last year on a beach in Mexico.

Over the past 10 years we have moved 5x, purchased 2 homes, gone through 5 cars, raised 4 awesome fur-babies, grown our careers, both went back to school for our master's, traveled as much as possible, and cherished time with friends and family.

6/7/18: Celebrating 10 years of happy marriage.

Had fun celebrating with my parents last night. Got to forget all about everything for a few hours so that was really nice! I'm so lucky to have this guy by my side!

Peace and Love

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