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6 Down, 6 To Go

Yesterday marked the halfway point for my Taxol treatments! So grateful these infusions and treatments have been going well. So far, my neuropathy hasn't been too bothersome. The tips of my fingers feel numb and tingle at night, but thankfully they aren't painful. The hot flashes have been the worst part so far, one moment I am fine and the next I am stripping off layers of clothes and sweating. It wakes me up at night, but luckily our air conditioning keeps the house cool enough that I usually cool off pretty quick and then I can fall back to sleep.

Yesterday, during my infusion, Andy and I proof read our drafted healthcare directives, power of attorney paperwork, and wills while sitting there waiting for my chemo to be delivered/started. Yes, we are that exciting!! Being diagnosed with cancer makes you want to plan for worse case scenarios, so we hired a lawyer and the paperwork is now complete and just waiting for our signatures. I would recommend to anyone to get these documents in order. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to have things in order and to talk through these important decisions. It isn't an easy conversation, but at least both Andy and I know what we want now, and it is in writing should something happen.

School started this week. I am taking a 2 credit elective course this summer and am finishing up my course from spring which I took an incomplete in. If all goes well, my coursework for my masters will be complete by August. Then I just need to finish up my master's project and I will be DONE!

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